Need a simple recipe for social media domination? Here are the 7 Ingredients to Effortless Social Media Posts.

7 Ingredients to Effortless Social Media Posts

Are your posts missing the 7 ingredients that get more clicks, likes and engagement?

Engagement makes the algorithm happy and increasing it can get you noticed more, so how can you effortlessly create click worthy posts?

By following the recipe, of course!

All great cooks follow the tried and true recipes they keep hidden away because they know that they WORK. No guess work is involved when creating the food they know everyone loves, and creation is effortless – they make it look so easy!

Get your index cards out and write this recipe down and you’ll be cranking out crowd pleasing posts in no time.

The Ingredients:

1. Start with a question that you know your audience will say YES to! Are you talking about dog shirts? Ask them if their pooch could use a little style.

2. Make the connection and start the conversation. Share a few words why your dog looks so cool at the dog park and how it’s changed his life 

3. What is the benefit or outcome of your dog owning new threads? List 3 of them such as: he’ll be the envy of every hound in town and ladies love Cool James …he’s such a trendsetter.

4. The Call To Action: tell them what to do. If you want them to click a link that takes them to your dog boutique, tell them where to go and provide a clear path to getting there!

The next time you’re whipping up a post, get your 7 ingredients together and create a masterpiece!

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