Creating a Facebook™ custom conversion can be hard when you don’t know what url to use, and ClickFunnels can be confusing. Learn how to create a custom conversion for a ClickFunnel url the right way.

How to set up a Facebook™ custom conversion with ClickFunnels

I was working with someone who wanted to know how to set up a custom conversion with ClickFunnels – they were having problems because of the name vs url when you set up a page. You will see the url above the page, but it will resolve to the page name.

Understanding the correct funnel step url can be confusing, so in the video below I explain the difference between the name and url – think of it like the Pretty Links plugin for WordPress. The page url will show above it in the dashboard, however when you click on it, the page resolves to the page name. Clear as mud? No worries, I show you how.

In the video below, we create a funnel step (page) and a Facebook™ custom conversion – take look:



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