It’s time to make a decision. Showcase your features and unique value to help them make the right one.

It’s time to make a decision, so make it easy for them

To recap, let’s look at the phases we’ve discussed:

Awareness Phase: In this first phase of their journey, they are searching for a solution to what keeps them up at night and they may only be aware of the symptoms they are experiencing so knowing those pain points (symptoms) is key when bringing awareness to your solution.

Consideration Phase: When considering which solution fits their needs, our buyers are looking at HOW the solution is solved. They’ve identified their problems and are actively looking for a solution.

Decision Phase: they’ve decided what solution solves their pain and have entered the decision phase and are making a list of products or services that can help them. This is where we help them make the decision to work with your solution.

Why would they want to buy from you? What makes you uniquely qualified to be the only choice to consider? This is where your unique value position comes into play as your audience is weighing the pros and cons of each solution they are choosing from.

What kind of questions can you expect to answer in this phase?

  • Is this going to be expensive? What is the cost?
  • How long will it take them to implement the solution? Is there a timeline?
  • How quickly will they see results? What can they expect?
  • Will they have help with the solutions or they left on my own? Can they count on support?
  • What makes this solution better than the others?

They’re deciding between you and another solution and are wondering which is best. Now is the time for content that speaks directly to them and shows you as the clear choice. This is where your unique value can help them make this decision quicker as it will showcase all of the reasons why yours is the better solution.

Benefits vs features

As they check out your competition, they are looking for the best value and what features appeal to them. For instance, if your competitor has a program or course that is based on audio files and your buyer doesn’t like wearing headphones, that is a feature they may not like.

This is where it’s time to highlight why you’re different and how the features of your course or program will help them reap all of the benefits they’re looking for.

Features are the things they are comparing, so if we look at car buying, here is how a feature comparison would look:

Problem: walking is hard in bad weather or it takes you 2 hours to get to work
Solution: time to buy a car
Benefits: no more getting wet in the rain, cold in the snow and you’ll get wherever your’re going much faster in a more comfortable manner


Chevy Ford Cadillac
XM Radio XM Radio XM Radio
Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth
Navigation system Satellite navigation system OnStar
Cloth seats/no power Cloth seats/ all power Leather/all
Sunroof No sunroof Full top sunroof

The solution is to buy a car, and the benefits are the same here, but look how different the features are. Think of this when your audience is making a decision and highlight the fantastic features your course or program has that makes you stand above the competition.

In the decision phase, buyers have decided what solution they need, but they want to know who is the best value, why they are different, why they should choose them to get the results they are looking for, so be clear about your solution, your unique value and why they should choose you. What can they expect when working with you or buying your course? Why is it different than the other courses or programs out there and how do they get the outcomes promised?

Speaking to buyers in the decision phase is just a matter of standing out from the crowd, so take some time and think about objections, features and make your message clear. Free trials, consultations and even discounts work well in this phase so create your content with the goal of giving them a taste of your course or program at this phase and help them make their decision easier.




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