Warm audiences want to feel like they matter and always be the first to get your best stuff. Don’t leave them hanging in the wind to get cold.

You should always nurture a warm audience.

Why? Because your fans buy and warm audiences always convert better in your ad campaigns, when done right. Nurturing them is a term we always hear when talking about email campaigns, but nurturing can also happen in your ad funnels.

They want your best stuff

It would be a disservice to forget about them, because the goal is to always turn them into traffic you control by getting their emails added to your list and send them the value you’ve become known for in the online jungle.

So what are ways to keep them warm and engaged? I’m so glad you asked!

We can’t always rely on social media because the simple truth is that we aren’t guaranteed they’ll see our posts. Twitter goes by really quickly and since organic reach has declined for Facebook pages, we need to stay relevant by staying visible. Below are some tips on how to stay vivid and on their minds.

Promote your blog posts

We spend so much time creating our content and it’s such a disappointment when our fans don’t see it, so promote those posts! A simple $1 a day strategy with a Facebook ad can keep you in their feed so they don’t forget about you and costs less than a coffee a day. The real winner is when you stack those posts and re-target your page visitors and Facebook page fans, putting one blog post after another in front of them in a series. That means putting the right ad in front of them in the right order to lead them on a journey. Everyone loves a good journey that starts with a story and ends with a solution, don’t they? The trick here is ascending them from being aware of a problem to buying your solution.

Sounds simple, yet there is some set up. I have a mini-course about doing just that being released in July, so if you want to be notified when It’s live, drop me your email and you’ll be the first to know!

Create an email sequence

Whether you use Active Campaign, ConvertKit or Infusionsoft an email sequence is an easy way to reach your audience and keep them interested. There are many different strategies here and some marketers will say to email every day while others say only a few times a week but the secret is the data. Start your sequence with an every day email and see what your open rates or unsubscribe rates are and then plan on sending out at the best times on the best days. Truth is that not one strategy will work for every business and it’s about the content you’re sharing and how it related to their problems. If they haven’t bought yet, don’t send out sales emails too often and a good number is to send out 80% value and then only 20% sales. You don’t want to sound too salesy because that is the quickest way to turn them cold – they get tired of the sale.

Provide value in the form of an email series or maybe even a tutorial drip and give them what they really want: a SOLUTION!

Keeping audiences warm and engaged is about what you can do for them, so drop some tips, tricks and hacks that will make their life easier and build your authority. You want to convert them into raving fans who can’t wait to see your next post or open your next email so get out there and share!

Don’t let them forget you

Now, this goes right along with sending out sequences and putting ads in front of them. The fact is that there is so much noise online, they WILL forget you. Don’t let that happen.


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