Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will help you dominate this phase and get them off the hamster wheel of consideration like a boss.

A confused mind always says no

I’m a big fan of designer bags, shoes and coats but I don’t always want to pay full price. I admit it: I’m 2 cents cheaper than Kroger, those designer bags come with designer price tags and I’m a bargain hunter.

That’s why I like to shop at the outlet malls. Same brands, cheaper tag but when I get there, I’m faced with the same problem every visit, can you guess what it is?

Michael Kors or Coach? HHHHMMMM….. how do I make my decision? This is why my husband doesn’t like to accompany me on my shopping trips. He’s says I spend way too much time in the consideration phase, but when he rushes me, I leave without buying either EVERY SINGLE TIME. Truth be told, he knows this so in the event he ends up shopping with me, he knows how to speed up the process using confusion.

Let me give you an example (this really happened a few months ago) of how he works his magic and gets me to the car:

I’ve had my eye on 2 Coach totes and a Michael Kors handbag but cannot make a decision because although all 3 will go with multiple outfits, I consider the season and what I’ll be wearing. Pumps, flats or boots and what jacket or coat fits the scheme. If I go with the first Coach tote, my black boots and coat will look fab, but in the summer, does it match those cute little flats I wear with my favorite skirt? The blue one. Will it go with that dress I’m wearing to the dinner theater next Thursday and the shoes I’m considering?

Him: Honey, is that the same shade of blue as your dress? It looks lighter.
Me: WHAT??? I don’t know! I can picture it but is it darker?
Him: Not sure. I know that black one has silver buckles and your shoes have gold on the heels.
ME: WHAAATTTTT? You’re right! These won’t match anything!
Him: Well, black matches everything so maybe change your jewelry.
Me: OMG I didn’t even think about my jewelry.

He walks away, KNOWING that I am going to put them both down because I’m now confused about the shade of my blue dress and the gold on my heels. I have a pair with silver, don’t I? I don’t know! I’M SO CONFUSED!!!!!

And just like that, I’m out of the consideration phase and heading to the car. That man is a damn genius.

Make it easy for them

I’m not even going to lie, I get confused so easily and I blame it on my ability to multitask on autopilot. Yeah, I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan all while holding that baby and listening to you talk about your day, but it’s something I do every day. Shopping isn’t, so the consideration phase for me can be a nightmare.

Let’s not make it a nightmare for our buyers, let’s make it an easy decision, but how?

When considering making a purchase, the best value always wins

Value will always win when warming up your ideal buyers because they want results and the only way to show them is to show them. Say that 5 times fast. Let’s look at that shopping trip once more, shall we?

Him: That’s the exact shade of blue as your dress, honey.
Me: IT IS!

Done deal. See, my problem is I have a blue dress that I want to wear and I want a bag to match (let’s not even get started with the shoes) and my problem is SOLVED! Super easy and valuable to me. Why? Because I have that blue dress, blue jeans, a few cool blue shirts, 3 pairs of blue shoes….wait…I’m losing myself in a daydream. Back to business…

Outcomes are gold

When considering which solution fits their needs, our buyers are looking at HOW the solution is solved. Is it quickly consumed or is it a course that will take 40 hours? Does a side of support come with that or are they on their own? How can they get the outcomes promised? The consideration phase is where our content will point out how easily their problem is solved and how quickly they can bask in the outcomes, it’s a no-brainer. The kind of content for this marketing strategy is where it’s time to shine and show off letting them know that your solution is the one for them, because it’s tailored just for their consumption.

It isn’t about playing around and making them guess, it’s about showing how great the solution is and how they can alleviate those pain points quickly and experience the joy of being where they want to be. Content for this phase should be like show and tell:

  1. This is what happened to me when I was in your shoes (omg shoes!)
  2. This is what happened when I applied THIS solution
  3. This is how I feel now that my problem has been dealt with

What kind of content works in the consideration phase?

They are curious now. How does your solution fit their needs? How can get they it? Curiosity may have killed the cat, but will help you dominate this situation, just like my husband does – like a boss. Case studies, testimonials, examples, stories, anything that will show them how easy your solution is and how to get it. Help them make their decision and get off of the consideration wheel so that they can reap the rewards as quickly as possible. Speak to them and their curiosity now because curiosity will lead them further down that rabbit hole and right into your arms. “Hey course creators – want to know HOW to market your course and put your sales on autopilot?”

Why yes, they sure do. Now, I’ve got some shopping to do sans husband 🙂



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