In the world of online marketing, asking why is how you find out what your ideal client really wants.

In the world of online marketing, we have 3 objectives:

Attract | Engage | Convert

Sounds easy, yet some get better results than others, leaving them wondering where they went wrong. You have to prove that you understand those you are trying to attract, and speak their language, but what if you just don’t know what they struggle with or have trouble putting it into words?

The online space is noisy and standing out can be harder than it looks, so how do you get attention when there are so many others out there promising to solve all the problems? How do you prove that you not only know what they struggle with but that you can relate?

The last time I struggled with a problem, I called up my best friend. Why? Because she listened to me and I trust her for making me feel like she “gets” me. Her understanding has always been there and it’s the foundation upon which our friendship was built. I know her, like her and trust her.

That’s the way you want your audience to feel, isn’t it? They have a problem and they need a solution that they can trust so all you have to do is let them know that you understand and that you can help them, but how?

Ask WHY 5 times

Toyota, during the evolution of it’s manufacturing methodologies, employed a strategy called “The 5 Whys” a technique used to explore cause and effect. It’s simple, really, and can help you identify the root cause of your audience’s pain.

For example, I am a Facebook marketer and one of my clients has a problem. They want more page likes but don’t know exactly how to get them, so I ask them why they want more likes and get to the root of the their problem.

Me: Why do you want more page likes?

Client: Because I want to scale my business

Me: Why do you want to scale?

Client: I want to make more money

Me: Why do you want to make more money?

Client: So I can live a better life without so many bills

Me: Why do you want to live a better life without so many bills?

Client: So I can travel

Me: Why do you want to travel?

Client: So that I can leave the 4 walls of my office behind and enjoy my own business

There it is. It isn’t really about page likes at all, it’s about the end result of more money, less bills and living the nomad life. You just have to know what your audience really wants, and speak directly to what’s keeping them up at night.

My marketing would start out something like this:

Want to make more money and create a sustainable business? Get more page likes and reach more people by buying my “One Eyed One Horn Flying Purple People Eater” that will have you out of that cubicle in no time!”

Knowing why helps me to communicate that I do understand what they’re going through and I can help them solve the problems that they cannot solve for themselves.

Find out your ideal buyer’s 5 whys and take a look at your message. Does it speak directly to the pain points you’ve discovered and attract those you want to help?

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