Yesterday, I showed you how to set up Goals in Google Analytics to track your best traffic so that you can test, track and tweak for the best results.

Today I want to talk about the next step in your list building funnel. I call it a funnel because your list should be where your leads enter your funnel and not all funnels are for sales, some are about education and value.

Setting up and automated sequence to welcome your new members is important in developing a relationship, but the next sequence is where you will have your sales conversation.

Now, I’m saying sales conversation and what I mean is this: even if you are not selling a service or product, there is a reason you created a list. It could be just for sharing recipes and that is a-okay in my book, but did you know that sharing recipes is still a sales conversation and even though you aren’t making a monetary sale, you are creating a value transaction. You are selling value in a way that they receive the benefit of what you have to offer, whether they pay for it or not. You are also targeting your ideal audience. I have a gluten free food blog and my list is for sharing recipes with people who want recipes in that niche and not French cuisine. I am still appealing to my ideal client here but as an ideal network of sharing. That’s how Napster got so big.

Your next three emails is where you will have this sales conversation, and here is the breakdown:

Email #1: introduce your product/service (or recipe) and talk about the valuable transformation you are providing. People move towards things they desire.

Email #2: Since they are already on our list, we know that they have an interest in what we are sharing. It’s only logical that they would benefit from the information you share when you are telling them that you are the only logical choice is they want to experience this transformation.

Email #3: The fear of missing out. Let them know that this offer is limited and if they act now they will experience this benefit, but if they don’t then they may miss out on this valuable offer.

1. 2. 3. Easy as that.

Wait until your Welcome sequence is done and time these emails after they have experienced your lead magnets and free offers. Give them just a day or two to settle in to knowing how awesome the free stuff was and let them know how the next level is even better.

In this challenge, we’ve learned:

1. What is a lead magnet and how to create one in Canva for free
2. How to warm up your ideal clients by going to the groups they hang out in and keeping track with a value schedule
3. How to create your Welcome sequence to warm up your new list members and nurture them by creating a connection
4. How to track the activity of your lead magnet by setting up a goal in Google Analytics so that you can test, track and tweak for optimal results
5. How to create a sales conversation email sequence to turn your leads into customers by creating a disappearing benefit that is the logical choice.


I hope you have enjoyed this 5 day challenge and I hope you have learned how to start building your list with raving fans while providing the kind of value you know that they want.

Go forth and build!




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