Yesterday, I shared how to nurture your audience with your Welcome emails. The entire email sequence I use is 10 messages long. After the welcome sequence, you can start offer sequences but remember to continue to provide value and free resources to those who are already on your list. Setting up nurture, offer, tripwire or re-targeting sequences are important because that is where you are going to have your entire sales conversation and turn those leads into customers.

Let’s talk about metrics today. I’m going to show you how to set up your lead magnet thank you page in Google Analytics today so you can track and improve your numbers. If the email marketing software has it’s own set of landing pages, grab the link, if you are putting your opt-in on your website, grab the link to your thank you page and let’s get started.

If you do not have a Google Analytics account or have your website set up click here as we are going to focus on creating a goal and tracking our thank you page activity and see where the traffic originated so that we can test, track and tweak to improve our results.

Click to learn how to set up a goal in Google Analytics and track your list building metrics. It takes a few days for this to start showing you anything, so make sure you have this set up before we continue with our last lesson tomorrow!

Go forth and set up measuring,


Day 1:…
Day 2:…
Day 3:

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