Yesterday, I shared how to warm up your audiences by sharing in Facebook groups.

Today let’s talk about nurturing your new list member.

You should have your value schedule filled out and have started sharing in groups, but today we are going to automate the new list member welcome and make them feel like they are in the right place. Let’s nurture our new list members.

Attached you will find a document that will help you build a 3 email Welcome sequence and this is how it goes: thewelcomesequence.pdf

Email #1: Deliver your lead magnet – thank them for signing up and tell to expect more. You want to accomplish a few things in this first email; you want to bounce them around and you want to get them to click on your link. How do you do that? By simply asking them to perform an action like white list your email address, drag your email from the promotions to the primary tab in GMail, and always ask them to follow you on social media or join your group.

Email #2: Introduce yourself and let your new subscribers know that they can count on you. Let them know what your business is about, what your vision is and again bounce the around and invite them to join your group and follow you on social media

Email #3: Tell your story and let your new subscribers know that not only were you once in their shoes, but that they have the same problem as you do and how you solved that problem. This is the perfect email to let them know why they can count on you and what you are going to do for them.

Your timeline depends on you but this 3 email welcome series should be scheduled for a few days apart – but not too many because in today’s noisy, digital world, you may be forgotten.

Make sure you share in the group so we can support you!

Go forth and start nurturing,


Day 1:…
Day 2:…

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