Yesterday, I shared how to create a lead magnet with Canva, so you should be all set for today.

Today is all about warming up your audience and sharing value. In Facebook groups, there is usually a day where you can promote or share what you are working on. Post the link to your lead magnet/content upgrade today in groups where it’s share, promo or tip day. The best way to keep track of the days is to use what I call a “Value Schedule” and we are going to use that today to track our group sharing.

Click below to download your value schedule and list all of the groups that your ideal client is a member of. Write down the group names and their daily prompts on the schedule and stick to it for the whole month.


Once you have your plan, notice how people share in those groups on days other than promo and share days. Who is getting the most attention? Follow their lead.

Your action item for today:
Create your value schedule and track the promo and share days. Share your new lead magnet on these days for the whole month and track your progress.

As always, share your lead magnet and schedule in the IGNITION ARMY group so we can cheer you on.

If you have any questions, post them in the group and tag me!

Go forth and schedule!


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