It’s hard to build your list when no one knows who you are, so today we are going to focus on giving your ideal client something they want.

If your ideal client has a problem related to your offer, get in front of them and warm them up. We’re are going to do this by creating what’s called a LEAD MAGNET.

Lead magnets are those bits of free resources everyone is looking for. You’ll hear all about content upgrades, and usually when it’s upgraded, a free resource or checklist is included to get your email address. This is where we want to be.

Go through your blog or website and find the post that has had the highest engagement. If a lead magnet is not included, created one and upgrade your content.

The best lead magnets are things that you can get instantly, so the best ones are free resource guides, how to guides, checklist and videos. Decide how you want to upgrade your content and add a lead magnet.

If you are just starting out and don’t have content to upgrade, then you can get started on the right foot. Create a blog post or Facebook post that links to your resource and get it out there by sharing on social media.

Make sure that you include an opt-in to get the resource, even exchange for their email address. Make sure it’s something that appeals to your ideal client because people are not giving up their email addresses freely anymore. Can you blame them? Every store I go into wants me email address and I refuse to give it to them. As an entrepreneur, do you know how many emails I get a day? I keep my mailbox clean so that I don’t miss the important stuff – so make your lead magnet so good, they’ll want to stay on your email list.

To create a downloadable pdf resource, you can use Canva. Check out the video below for instructions on how to create a downloadable pdf file:

Today’s ACTION Item:
1. Create a lead magnet and either upgrade your best content, or create new content with an opt in to exchange the resource for their email address. Share it in any group that will allow you and on all of your social media.

Create a Facebook ad for $1 a day and get your content out there. This will help to warm up your audience. When I was in my testing phase, my budget for 3 ads was $1 a day each and I ran them for 30 days to warm up my audience and get familiar with them.

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