Warm audiences are watching and following you right now. Read on to discover the 10 warm audiences I like to start my campaigns with and why your fans are so important.

Let’s talk about the magic of warm audiences, because it’s real and it’s deep.

There’s gold in ‘dem dere hills people! Trust me when I say that your warm audience is where the money is. Not just in re-targeting, which I’ll talk about in another post, but in the pursuit of your entrepreneurial dreams.

Warm audiences know you already

My last blog post was about cold audiences, so if you missed it you can read it here and get caught up. Today let’s talk about the magic of warm audiences!

Your warm audience is an audience of people you introduced yourself to and they have either followed you on social media, given you their email address or have watched your videos. They have taken some kind of measurable action, and you can build an audience based on these actions.

When creating a Facebook™ audience based on engagement, we can build an audience of:

  • Video views on Facebook™ or Instagram
  • Page engagement
  • Post or ad engagement
  • Opened or filled out a lead form on Facebook™or Instagram
  • Opened your canvas
  • Interacted with an event
  • Interacted with your Instagram business profile

We can also build an audience of website traffic, people who have opted in to our lead magnet (when using pixel events) and we can upload our list and create an audience from that.

Keeping this audience warm and engaged is important, especially if this relationship is in it for the long haul. If you stop engaging, they will forget all about you and turn cold, just like a jilted lover so keep the conversation going on social media and in your email marketing. Creating a lasting relationship is a matter of nurturing and giving and as your warm audience gets better, so does your hot – IF you are keeping up with them and sharing value – you can never give enough away.

How to ruin your warm audience

One of the things that I see and always advise against is like ladders. What is a like ladder? Well I’m glad you asked….

You are on your news feed or in a group and someone says “Hey! Let’s support each other and like each other’s Facebook™ pages!” This is especially prevalent in groups and this is the quickest way to ruin your warm audience – UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT GROUPS.

Groups are a great way to get visible and create connections, please don’t get me wrong, but most of the time entrepreneurs make the mistake of being in the wrong groups. When you are posting and trying to provide value in a group full of competition, and drop the link to your page, your competition may go like your page but when you start using your page engagement or fan audiences, your competition isn’t going to buy. It’s going to be a waste of ad dollars.

The trick is to go to groups where your ideal buyer hang out and get them to like your page or engage with it. I try to keep my page audience as clean as I can, because it can be one of the best warm audiences for advertising.

The best warm audiences for advertising

When I start a new campaign, I split it out between cold and warm audiences at the campaign level so that I can split test placements and creatives at the ad set and ad levels, but I usually always start with a core group. Here is the list of warm audiences that I start with, you’ll notice that I have them set up to make the most of engagement:

  1. Buyer list – people who have purchased from  you
  2. Email list – people who are on your list, but haven’t purchased from you
  3. Video views
  4. Page or post engagement
  5. Instagram engagement
  6. Canvas viewers
  7. Website visitors – audience collections based on topic or cornerstone content
  8. Top 5% of website visitors
  9. Facebook™ Page Fans
  10. Lead forms

If you haven’t created a canvas or lead form ad for your client, you won’t have these audiences, and if your client hasn’t started list building, you won’t have the first two. The object is to turn traffic that you control into traffic that you own so to do that, you use your engagement audiences to promote your lead magnet and get them on your list 😉

The last audience is hot

These are your customers, and this is different than your opt-in list because while they are on your list, they should be segmented because they have purchased. This is your hot audience, they’ve taken out their credit card and are now the proud owners of your product or learners in your course.

A great way to turn cold or warm right into hot is by what’s called a tripwire. it’s a small offer put in front of your new list members when they sign up meant to speed up the temperature change. Most of the time, if someone will pull out their credit card for a purchase between $7 and $47, they will buy again.

In my next blog post, I’m continuing with sales funnels and giving you an opt-in funnel with a tripwire. All you’ll need to do is upload to ClickFunnels and I’ll walk you through all of it! Like me on Facebook™ and chose to see  first so you are the first to know when I drop another post.

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