Facebook headlines will make or break your social media strategy

It’s the thing that grabs their attention and makes them want to read more or tune in to your posts and videos, so today I give you 5 Facebook Headline Hacks to help increase your engagement!

Tell Them How To Do Something

Ever see blogs posts that say “5 Ways to Organize Your Closet” and click? That’s because you not only want a great closet, but you also want 5 fast and easy ways to get it. Here are some other great examples:

1. 3 Things To Do If You Want To Be More Positive
2. 10 Ways To Bring More Happiness To Your Life
3. 7 Ways To Make Bread

These titles work because they give the reader numbered, actionable steps to accomplish a goal they are not only interested in, but NEED.

Share A Secret

Share something juicy with them. Is there a secret way to get more followers? A secret way to increase engagement? Check out these examples:

1. How I got 5,000 Facebook Page Likes in 30 Days
2. The Secret To Creating A Lead Magnet That They Want
3. The Secret Behind The Facebook Algorithm

For these examples, I’m using something related to my services or what I do. Would you click on any of these headlines to read more or watch my video?
Let’s keep going 🙂

Scare Them

I know, I know, this sounds so sinister doesn’t it? What I’m really trying to say is bring to light their pain and how much more they will suffer unless they find a solution to it. What keeps them up at night? Use it!

1. If You Don’t Do This (whatever you want them to do) You’ll Never Have A Thriving Business
2. If You Haven’t Discovered This Method, Your List Will Die
3. Do This Or Face Failure

Create Curiosity

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it can be a great hook for you and your message. Get them curious about it and they will read more or watch every time.

1. The Truth Behind Creating A Course That Sells
2. I Did This, And It Works!
3. Have You Ever Done This?

Hit Them With The Facts

No one wakes up in the morning and thinks “I wonder what a good click through rate on my email marketing is” if they aren’t highly aware of what their efforts are producing. If I looked at my stats and noticed that my open rate was great but people weren’t clicking through, I’d become aware that I had a problem. Make them aware that not only do they have a problem that you can solve, but that it is, in fact a solvable problem they can fix immediately.

1. 5 Steps To Take NOW To Increase Your Email Click Through Rates
2. How To Get Them To Watch Your Videos
3. If Your Landing Page Isn’t Converting, Do This To Change That

The secret to using this strategy to increase video views or engagement is to address the pain points of your ideal audience, so do the research and find out what is keeping them up at night and how you can help them sleep better.
Have a trick or hack to help your audience? Start out your post using one of these 5 hacks and get their attention quickly and easily. Give them a reason to read or watch and to stick around, knowing that you are providing value and that they can expect more of it by staying in tune.

Got any hacks you use? Comment below and share with us!

About the Author

“I’m the Facebook™ marketer you’ve been looking for”

Who am I? I am a Facebook™ marketer who helps online entrepreneurs and course creators sell their programs and courses with ads. I love silly pics and laughing. I love my dogs and cats (I have both) and I love my family. I love putting on my Beats and dancing in any room I’m in. I love making videos of me singing silly songs. I love Game of Thrones.

I LOVE Facebook™ ads and have been trained by the best in the business. I’ve invested in my education and expertise and do this full time – sometimes 10 hours a day. Set and forget is for amateurs, I’m invested in your success. I have the algorithm secrets you’ve always wondered about.

Lynne Miller

Lynne Miller International LLC

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