The Social Media Playbook

The Social Media Playbook Someone in my Inner Circle asked me a great question. "How do I plan out and schedule my Facebook posts?" Which led me to ask "Are you tracking your buyer persona language and what they need, want or are without? Do you have your outcomes and...

Is Your Content Being Read?

I was asked why content upgrades didn't work, and I wondered if the content was being read and if the reader made it to the bottom of the blog post to see the upgrade. Is your content being read? How can you tell? Scenario: You have the blog post written, and you just...

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Instagram Bio Hacks

Want to get noticed when someone searches Instagram? In this video, I show you a few hacks for your Instagram bio to help increase the chances of you coming up in the search feed. What's in a name? Your name field is the place to put what it is you do. Search hashtags...

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5 Facebook Headline Hacks

Facebook headlines will make or break your social media strategy It's the thing that grabs their attention and makes them want to read more or tune in to your posts and videos, so today I give you 5 Facebook Headline Hacks to help increase your engagement! Tell Them...

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Is Your Facebook Funnel Upside Down?

Is your Facebook Funnel upside down? Flip it and see what happens. The results may surprise you. Facebook Twitter Instagram Is is possible for your Facebook funnel to be upside down? It's always been a structure of AWARENESS --> ENGAGEMENT --> CONVERSION for as...

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