How to create a Facebook™ custom conversion for ClickFunnels funnel step

Creating a Facebook™ custom conversion can be hard when you don't know what url to use, and ClickFunnels can be confusing. Learn how to create a custom conversion for a ClickFunnel url the right way. Facebook Twitter Instagram How to set up a Facebook™ custom...

The Magic of Warm Audiences

Warm audiences are watching and following you right now. Read on to discover the 10 warm audiences I like to start my campaigns with and why your fans are so important. Facebook Twitter Instagram Let's talk about the magic of warm audiences, because it's real and it's...

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Why FACEBOOK™ thinks you’re a Republican

This is the second post in my Facebook™ algorithm series. In the first one, I talked about hacking your news feed so if you missed it, you can click here to catch up. Does Facebook™ think you're a Republican? Facebook™ has placed you into a political category, based...

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Why Facebook Ads Stall

Have your Facebook™ Ads stalled or even stopped performing?

Find out what causes this, and how to fix it!

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