“I’m the Facebook™ marketer you’ve been looking for”

This is where I am supposed to put up professional images and my bio talking all about what I know, who I help and who I am, just like everyone else  …but I am not everyone else.

So who am I? I am a Facebook™ marketer who helps online entrepreneurs and course creators sell their programs and courses with ads. I love silly pics and laughing. I love my dogs and cats (I have both) and I love my family. I love putting on my Beats and dancing in any room I’m in. I love making videos of me singing silly songs. I love Game of Thrones.

I LOVE Facebook™ ads and have been trained by the best in the business. I’ve invested in my education and expertise and do this full time – sometimes 10 hours a day. Set and forget is for amateurs, I’m invested in your success. I have the algorithm secrets you’ve always wondered about.

After 5 years knee deep in the trenches and spending almost a million dollars for my clients, I know a thing or 3 about what’s really going on and what works. I am a funnel builder. Course creator. Teacher. Strategist. Pixel ninja. Food blogger. Photographer. Butcher baker and candlestick maker (for real, I used to run a soy candle business) and am a recovering WordPress developer.

I manage ad campaigns. I help entrepreneurs market and advertise their genius. If you’re looking for someone to take over your ad campaigns, sales funnels or launch, let’s chat. It will be an amazing 30 minutes, I promise.

Lynne Miller 

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