Day 5

Yesterday, I showed you how to set up Goals in Google Analytics to track your best traffic so that you can test, track and tweak for the best results. Today I want to talk about the next step in your list building funnel. I call it a funnel because your list should be...

Day 4

Yesterday, I shared how to nurture your audience with your Welcome emails. The entire email sequence I use is 10 messages long. After the welcome sequence, you can start offer sequences but remember to continue to provide value and free resources to those who are...

Day 3

Yesterday, I shared how to warm up your audiences by sharing in Facebook groups. Today let’s talk about nurturing your new list member. You should have your value schedule filled out and have started sharing in groups, but today we are going to automate the new...

Day 2

Yesterday, I shared how to create a lead magnet with Canva, so you should be all set for today. Today is all about warming up your audience and sharing value. In Facebook groups, there is usually a day where you can promote or share what you are working on. Post the...

Day 1

WELCOME TO DAY 1 OF OUR 5 DAY LIST BUILDING MINI COURSE It’s hard to build your list when no one knows who you are, so today we are going to focus on giving your ideal client something they want. If your ideal client has a problem related to your offer, get in...

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